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Welcome to IMS Global

We provide specialized knowledge transfer and evaluation services focused on how to do things better, transforming risks, increasing performance and enabling conformance and compliance. Our core discipline is risk and control architectures, and over that we have real solutions related to quality and innovation, project management, energy efficiency, business continuity, information security, IT services, asset management and advanced maintenance, biosecurity, health and safety and environment. Also, we do advanced engineering based on risks, including modelling, optimization and simulation; data processing including big data, visual analytics and data analytics; and software development; including process analysis and evaluation. Complementarily we consider governance, financial aspects and decision making advances.

 Consultancy &  advisory
 Audit,  inspection &  certification
 Certified  training

Our consultancy and advisory services allow to our clients to obtain state of the art solutions to their needs. Our evaluation services (auditing and inspection), from an objective and independent view, exhibit the real status of systems, process, equipments or devices as well as for the whole organization, basis for continuous improvement. Evaluation is complemented with certification services provided in conjunction with european conformity assessment body LL-C. Finally, our certified training services includes 800+ technical courses devised to fulfill real competences complemented with almost 300+ soft skills, all of them supported by international accreditation or register bodies.

Why Choose Us

World class, innovative and state of the art products and services - improve, be better

IMS Global is a technology and knowledge based organization.


State of the art

Our services encompass technical standards and guidelines, legal requirements, best industry practices, as well as current scientific and technological advances.

Smart team

Our consultants, instructors, auditors and/or inspectors are fully qualified with both education and certified training as well as real experience on the field of application.


Our solutions are custom tailored for all of our customers/users with a strong focus on organisational performance, risk transformation and results achievement.

Supported and recognized

Our training services are backed up by four international registers / accreditation bodies. Also, our certification and inspection services are supported by european OEC LL-C.

User Friendly

We are strongly committed to making things easier beyond the complexity, extension and concurrency of requirements and practices employed in each case.

Technology based

We combine human knowledge, state of the art for each working discipline, and technological advances to provide real, suitable and applicable solutions.

Team Members
Satisfied client/users
Trained people


Looking for a high quality and affordable price for your next project?



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TITAN Software

Manages risk & control architecture as well as quality, projects, energy, business continuity, information security, assets, biosecurity, health, safety & environment.

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Next courses

- Business continuity lead auditor
- Risk manager Level I
- Information security lead auditor.

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Colombian minister of health received from us ISO/IEC 27001:2013 management system certification.

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Although we are specialized in industry and government, we also provide service to ther sectors like financial, commerce and social development

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